The pretty ones

Melisa Liebenthal

Melisa has five girlfriends from childhood whom she interviews. While shooting from behind the camera, she talks with them about their childhood and teenage experiences to try to deepen in the implications that being a woman had throughout their lives. These stories told in intimacy are compared alternatively with Melisa’s experience, (re)constructed from images from her personal archive along with a voiceover narration. From this interrelation of testimonies, the film thinks, with humor and candidness, about the cultural construction of the female gender and tries to denature its “musts” and “musts not”, especially those related to the image. Why do I have to smile? Why am I mistaken for a man? Why is being pretty so important? Why does the look of the others matter so much?

Producer: Eugenia Campos Guevara
Editing: Sofía Mele, Melisa Liebenthal
Sound: Marcos Canosa
Music: Ángeles Otero
VFX: Alejandro Forero | Graphic design: Jhonatan Amandy
Argentina | 77 minutes | Color