The face of jellyfish

Melisa Liebenthal

As if in a Kafkaesque nightmare, one day, in her early thirties, Marina’s face suddenly changed. Taking refuge at her parent’s place, Marina delves into the old family photo albums. She analyzes and compares her images and the faces in her family. How do I know if I’m the same as in the pictures? How do I know this face is mine? I don’t look like anybody anymore. Where does this face come from? This extraordinary event embodies the underlying theme of the film: how our face becomes tantamount to our identity and the weight that our image has in defining us and how we relate to others. Marina investigates and thinks. In zoos, there are animals that have an identity and others that do not: bears, tigers, dolphins are identified with signs with their proper names and even biographies, but for all other animals, such as most aquatic species, small reptiles and birds, individual identification is indifferent, even impossible. The jellyfish float in their tanks, all identical to each other, interchangeable, faceless and gaze-less. The Face of the Jellyfish traces a hybrid journey between fiction and documentary, inviting us to ask ourselves: Can there be identity without a face? Can there be a face without an identity? Where does our identity reside? How do we connect with others if there is no face?

Ficha técnica

Directed by Melisa Liebenthal

With Rocío Stellato, Vladimir Durán, Camila Toker, Roberto Liebenthal,

Irene Bosch, Federico Sack, Alicia Labraga.

Produced by Gentil & Zona Audiovisual

Executive producer: Eugenia Campos Guevara, Agustín Gagliardi

Screenplay: Agustín Godoy, Melisa Liebenthal

Editing: Florencia Gómez García

Sound: Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo

Costume design: Florencia Caligiuri

Make up: Lucía Rastelli

Director assistant: Felipe Solari Yrigoyen

Production manager: Camila Albertocchi

Location manager: Rogelio Navarro

Music: Inés Copertino