The calm after the storm

Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo

After studying abroad, Mercedes returns to Colombia to work on the next film by her father, the famous Víctor Gaviria. Fluctuating between admiration and reproach, Mercedes constructs a private diary that goes beyond familial conflicts to question the place of women in the film world, which is still strongly ingrained with a patriarchal mindset

Ficha técnica

Script & Direction : Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo
Cast: Víctor Gaviria, Marcela Jaramillo, Matías Gaviria, Mercedes Gaviria, Elvira Berrío.
Editing: Rodrigo Traverso, Florencia Gómez García
Sound design: Marcos Canosa
Sound on set: Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo, Lucas Larriera 
Sound Mix: José Delgado, Meadillo Muñoz, Diana Martínez Muñoz
Original Music: Matías Gowland
Graphic design: Javier Maria Traverso
Image archive: Víctor Gaviria, Erwin Goggel, Raúl Soto Translation: Verónica Balduzzi
Executive Producer: Laura Castillo, Antorcha films, Invasión cine, Gentil cine. 
Produced with the support of Proimágenes.