Long time no sleep

Agustín Godoy

Mysterious indeed is the black backpack that befell on Racoon the morning after a full moon, only to be warned by a card reading gypsy, never to let it go. But a quick and thievious charmer steals the backpack and now it falls on Raccoon to get his rucksack back, follow the track and face a pack of hoodlums and thugs who will try to seize the backpack hail or rain. Oh my dearest Raccoon, this is not going to end soon; on top of fighting off the enemy you will also fall in love, how inopportune! Cast: Julián Larquier, Julián Tello, Walter Jakob, Julia Martínez Rubio, William Prociuk, Matías Feldman, Horacio Marassi, Victoria Hladilo, Santiago Gobernori and Dolores Casares.

Ficha técnica

Agustín Gagliardi, Agustína Rudi, Ailín Salas,

Marcelo Pozzi, Mateo Pérez, Julia Catalá,

Julián Larquier Tellarini, William Prociuk, Carla Di Grazzia.

Directed by: Agustín Godoy

Screenplay: Agustín Godoy

DOP and color: Inés Duacastella

Editing: Florencia Gómez García

Director assistant: Felipe Solari Yrigoyen

Art and costume design: Sara Barugel, Tomás Lerner

Executive producer: Eugenia Campos Guevara

Associate producer: Victoria Van Quekelberge

Sound: Lucas Larriera, Marcos Canosa

Production manager: Natasha Gurfinkel,

Camila Albertocchi

Location manager: Rogelio Navarro

Produced by Gentil, coproduced by Gong Cine.

Con el apoyo de Fondo Nacional de las Artes

y Bienal de Arte joven

Argentina – 87 minutos – color