Estanislao Buisel Quintana

All sorts of new things are happening to Julio: a love affair, a new job and a project with an old friend. His project is to make a photonovel; watching him, we closely follow the development of an audiovisual narration process. Love is love, and his new job sales assistant in a bookshop. Julio soon realises that it's very easy to steal there and he starts taking whatever he can. This complicates the relationship with his girlfriend, with his project and with his job. Cast: Julián Larquier, Julián Tello, Walter Jakob, Julia Martínez Rubio, William Prociuk, Matías Feldman, Horacio Marassi, Victoria Hladilo, Santiago Gobernori and Dolores Casares.

Script: Estanislao Buisel & Walter Jakob

Producer: Agustín Gagliardi

DOP: Soledad Rodríguez

Production design: Fabiana Gallegos

Sound: Tomás Frontoth

Music: Gabriel Chwojnik



Graphic design: Andrés Mendilaharzu

Editing: Ignacio Masllorens

Assistant director: Agustín Godoy

Storyteller: Ignacio Rodríguez Anca

Images photonovel: Esteban Perroud & Sebastián “El Mago” Cardona.